Rebekah Rayburn, MS, LPC

Rebekah Rayburn has been a practicing licensed professional counselor since 2015. She received her Master’s of Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and her Bachelor’s from right here in Mobile at Spring Hill College.

Rebekah is also willing to speak to large and small groups of children, teens, and adult about mental health issues.

Specialties: Adults, Children/Adolescents and Traumatic Experiences

Approach to therapy:

I believe that what we feel, and what we do are all connected to each other and highly influenced by each other as well. I also believe that everyone is an expert; for therapeutic purposes, you are the expert on you. I feel so honored that people of all ages trust to confide in me whatever it is that they have going on. I am here to help and support those I serve.

Career Highlights:

  • Children’s therapist in Mobile
  • PEDS Coordinator in Hattiesburg, MS
  • Child and Adolescent Clinician in Purvis, MS

I prefer to use a mixture or combination of therapeutic interventions to best serve my clients.

  • Cognitive Behavior
  • Solution Focused
  • Person-Centered
  • Play Therapy
  • Acceptance and Mindfulness

Rebekah accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance