Be THAT Parent

In a society where the innocence of childhood is being lost at a younger and younger age, I encourage you to be THAT parent!

Be the parent that puts restrictions on “screen time” (video games, TV, phones, tablets). Be the parent that asks questions about what your kids are learning in school, and check to make sure homework is finished. Be the parent that calls another parent to verify your child will not be left unattended while at their friend’s house. Be the parent that picks up your child’s phone and scrolls through their social media, text messages and browser histories. Be the parent that says no to video games and movies you feel are inappropriate for your child, even if you are the only parent that is saying no.

Be the parent that answers the hard questions with truth and love. Be the parent that provides a safe space for not only your children, but also the friends that your children love. Be the parent that shows up for the important events, and listens to the endless stories your child wants to tell you without judgement.

We live in a world that is no longer child-friendly. Being THAT parent – the parent that advocates for your child, that loves without condition, and that listens without judgement is how you change the world.

Be the parent that your child needs, and love them through the hard times. No child needs a perfect parent, and no parents ever get everything right….but be the parent that tries! A parent who is there, who listens, and who tries – THAT is the parent that your child needs!!!

This was written by Dawn DiQuattro, LMFT. She sees children, teens and adults in our Mobile office. She offers after school, evening and limited Saturday appointments. Call the office at 251-222-8880 to schedule an appointment.



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