New Year – New Career

Happy New Year. This time of year brings reflection and new goals. If you are wondering about a career path or changing careers, take a moment and read Dr. Greer’s blog post.

There are a lot of different ways that people decide what they want to do for work. Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to be interested in the same type of work as our parents or other family members. Sometimes, we see an exciting job on a show we like or through our daily life. However, these opportunities only present us with a few options and we may never know about many different types of work available to us.

I picked a college major based off the only high school class I found interesting – Psychology. And I was lucky that it fit! In our rapidly evolving society, there are more job choices than ever. While it’s exciting to have new options, this wealth of choices can actually make the process harder of deciding what fits best for you. Then there is the current debate of whether to pursue a college degree and accept the debt that comes along with it.

Finding a satisfying career is challenging for many people! That’s why I offer career counseling and testing. Much research supports the use of career tests based on interests. Your personal interests are matched with the kind of tasks you would do in different types of work. I also incorporate tests of personality and values into the process to find the best overall fit for my clients.

Career counseling & testing consists of at least 3 meetings: the first to discuss what you have considered or tried already and your goals, then you complete the career tests outside the office. Then we meet two more times to review the results of the three tests and what seems to fit for you. Additional meetings may be helpful to support you as you explore training programs, job opportunities, etc. Interests are shown to be stable by age 17, so career testing can be used for people age 17 and over. This can also be very helpful for you if you’ve considered making a career change.

This blog was written by Dr. Chelsea Greer, who joined Hurley Counseling in December. She sees clients in our Mobile office on Thursdays and Fridays. Currently, she does not accept insurance. To make an appointment with her or any of our four other therapists, please call the office at 251-222-8880.

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