Grieving & the Holidays

It’s late December, there’s actually a chill in the air, every shopping area is busy. This can only mean one thing – it’s time for Christmas again! At this time of year, we gather for parties, buy presents for each other and plan our family traditions. While this can be a time of joy, faithful remembrance, and fun with friends, it can also be a very hard time for people. Holidays remind us of loved ones we’ve lost, even if we didn’t lose them at Christmas. Memories of past traditions and the absence of certain people resurface.

What can be especially difficult about this is there doesn’t seem to be a natural space to share these thoughts with others. Everyone focuses on being cheery, meanwhile many are struggling silently. It’s important to recognize that grieving is a very real part of life, even more so around certain times, including the holidays. If you’re struggling as you feel this grief and sadness, look for a safe friend or family member who can listen openly. Sometimes family members who are all grieving can find it hard to support one another as each person handles the process differently. So someone outside of the situation may be able to listen better.

While you’re missing loved ones you’ve lost, it doesn’t mean every single memory is positive. This is realistic! Every relationship is made up of many layers, interactions and feelings. We need to be allowed to express and accept those tough emotions and memories just the same. This can be one of the hardest parts of sharing your grief. If you can’t seem to deal with these pieces, counseling can be a very helpful place where you can express anything without any fear of judgment or anyone prescribing how you “should” grieve.

Dr. Chelsea Greer joined Hurley Counseling this month. She sees clients in our Mobile office on Thursdays and Fridays.  Dr. Greer specializes in grief and career counseling. She currently does not accept insurance. Look for her next blog on the career testing services that she offers. New Year, New Career.

To schedule an appointment with her or any of other therapists, please call the office at 251-222-8880.


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